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10K Races in London | Upcoming Events 2024/2025

Every stride on London’s pavement is a step through history and the thrill of competition. As one of the world’s most vibrant cities, London offers an eclectic mix of historic landmarks and modern urban energy that serves as a backdrop for a thriving running community. With the promise of new challenges and personal bests, the upcoming 10K races of 2024/2025 beckon runners of all levels.

Navigating through the race calendar requires a guide, and here we offer an overview of the most anticipated 10K runs. From the pastoral beauty of Hyde Park to the urban sprawl of Finsbury Park, each race promises an experience as diverse as the city itself. Alongside the thrill of the race, iconic landmarks pepper these routes, offering a scenic distraction from the physical exertion.

In the following article, we not only detail the races but also provide valuable training insights. Whether you’re running to smash a personal record, revel in London’s sights, or raise funds for Cancer Research UK, join us as we explore the landscape of London’s 10K events. Dive in as we outline the best races, the history-laden routes you’ll conquer, and tips to make your running experience in London unforgettable.

London Race Calendar

Race Calendar Overview

London’s running calendar is bustling with 10km races throughout the year, boasting over 100 events for enthusiasts to partake in. One standout is the London 10K on July 14, 2024, which offers runners a picturesque flat course by the Thames, featuring views of the London Eye and Big Ben. Similarly, the ASICS London 10K, on the same day, takes athletes past the city’s prominent landmarks, accompanied by live entertainment along the route.

Outside of London, the Swansea Bay 10K in Wales presents a fast course on September 15, 2024 – ideal for personal bests along the scenic bay. For those eager to chase the sunset, the Chase The Sun series adds a unique touch to evening runs. Additionally, Hyde Park and Greenwich Park offer both 5K and 10K events, regularly attracting a diverse field of runners.

Whether you aim to set new records or enjoy the city’s scenery, London’s race calendar has an event for every runner.

London 10K14 Jul 2024Central London10K
ASICS London 10K14 Jul 2024Central London10K
Swansea Bay 10K15 Sep 2024Swansea Bay, Wales10K
Chase The Sun SeriesVarious DatesLondon Parks5K/10K

Popular Races in London

London’s bustling metropolis is not just a hub for business and culture, but also a vibrant heart for the running community with an impressive array of 10km road races. Among the plethora of events, certain races stand out for their popularity and the unique experience they offer to runners.

One of the most eagerly anticipated events in the London race calendar is the London 10K. Held each year in July, this race is synonymous with the city’s summer festivities. Runners weave through the historic streets, passing Westminster Bridge, The London Eye, and Big Ben. The sense of running through history is palpable as participants pound the pavement alongside some of the world’s most iconic landmarks.

Hyde Park, a Royal Park of London, is a beacon for runners of all levels, hosting events like the Hyde Park 5K & 10K. These races appeal to families, seasoned runners, and novices alike, offering serene landscapes and flat paths perfect for setting personal bests. Furthermore, the park’s central location makes it a convenient and attractive spot for Londoners and visitors.

London’s green spaces, such as Greenwich Park, Battersea Park, and Richmond Park, provide scenic backdrops for a myriad of races including 5k, 10k, and half marathons that collectively draw thousands of participants each year. Richmond Park, with its picturesque deer-populated landscape, and Battersea Park, with the Battersea Park Millennium Track, serve as stages for challenging and enjoyable races.

Another highlight is the ASICS London 10K. As part of the summer’s must-do activities, runners start at Piccadilly and cross the finish line on Whitehall, with the route lined with live music and supporters. It’s more than a race; it’s a celebration of the city and its running culture, ensuring that everyone, from elite athletes to charity runners, has an exhilarating experience.


The GATELEY HYDE PARK CHASE has established itself as a prominent feature in the London racing scene. Throughout the year, the series offers both 5k and 10k races that attract a following of dedicated runners eager to experience Hyde Park’s beauty without the interruption of traffic.

The course layout is designed for speed, with flat paths that cater to runners targeting personal bests or competing in a lively racing environment. The absence of vehicles makes the experience safer and more focused, allowing runners to concentrate on their rhythm and pace.

These events provide more than just a race; they foster a vibrant community atmosphere where runners can test their limits. Whether they’re seasoned athletes or first-timers, each participant is cheered on to push for their personal goals in a supportive and dynamic setting.

HYDE PARK 5k & 10k

Hyde Park’s acclaimed 5k & 10k events offer more than just a run in the park; they’re an opportunity for personal growth and performance improvement. The course is renowned for its flat profile, making it an ideal venue for those aiming to run faster times or simply wishing to enjoy a more relaxed race.

The race routes are clearly marked with kilometer signs providing accurate pacing information, which is vital for runners looking to track their progress or manage their energy throughout the race. This commitment to precision underscores the event’s reputation for being well-organized and runner-focused.

Appealing to a wide range of participants, from the young to the elderly, the inclusivity of these events demonstrates London’s diverse running culture. Completing laps around Hyde Park’s charming scenery, runners experience a sense of camaraderie and shared achievement, further solidifying the park’s status as a top destination for runners in the city.

Finsbury Park 5k

North London’s Finsbury Park is not just a venue for acclaimed music festivals; it’s also home to a variety of running events, including the 5k distance, which appeals to runners looking for a shorter yet challenging course. These races tie into the RunThrough series, allowing athletes to choose from multiple distances that cater to different fitness and experience levels.

Finsbury Park presents a dynamic terrain with an undulating course that adds an extra layer of challenge compared to the flat paths of other parks. This variety in elevation tests runners’ endurance and provides a refreshing change of pace for those accustomed to flatter courses.

Open to all age groups, the events at Finsbury Park are characterized by a sense of inclusivity and community. Whether it’s young juniors lacing up their sneakers or adults taking on the 5k challenge, the park offers a supportive environment where everyone can strive towards their personal bests.

Iconic Landmarks Along the Race Routes

Within the heart of London’s dynamic running scene, runners have the unique opportunity to race amid a landscape dotted with history and culture. As they clock up kilometers, participants of events such as the ASICS London 10k are treated to a tour of the city’s celebrated landmarks. Esteemed routes weave through Westminster’s grandeur, run past the imposing façade of Pall Mall, and absorb the vibrant atmosphere of Trafalgar Square, alive with the cheers of thousands of supporters. The particular charm of a closed road race is the unobstructed, up-close experience of these architectural marvels, enhancing the race day experience just as much as the cheering crowds.

Not to be outshone, the Serpentine NYD10K reveals the quieter, but equally impressive, treasures of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Runners race past the regal Kensington Palace, meander by the sculptured beauty of the Italian Gardens, admire the grandeur of the Henry Moore statue, and glide by The Old Police House, weaving together a run that’s as culturally enriching as it is physically challenging.

For those enamored with botanic wonders, the Kew Gardens 10K offers a race start outside the towering glass structure of the famous Palm House. Post-race, runners are rewarded not just with a medal and a technical running t-shirt but also with complimentary access to the gardens—a lush reward for their efforts.

The Greenwich Park Meridian Race, meanwhile, also beckons with its unique geographical significance and picturesque views within one of London’s most iconic Royal Parks. Covering both 5k and 10k distances, runners cross the Prime Meridian Line, where East meets West at the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Finally, Hyde Park offers a more sustainable running temptation with its Chase The Sun events. As runners navigate the natural beauty of Hyde Park, the event organizers underscore their commitment to the environment, enacting a recycling policy that encourages participants to maintain the pristine condition of this cherished public space.

Buckingham Palace

Draped in the majesty of the British monarchy, Buckingham Palace provides a stately backdrop for the annual Vitality London 10,000 race. Starting and finishing beside this royal residence, runners are privy to a route that frames some of London’s most emblematic structures—Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral, and more. It’s an event that spans the spectrum of participants—from dedicated athletes to charity walkers, from first-time 10K runners to world-class competitors.

Dubbed as a love letter to London, this race invites runners and their supporters to partake in a journey past architectural and cultural icons, starting and ending with the splendor of Buckingham Palace itself. It’s a running festival that incorporates not just competitive spirit but also libations of London’s urban charm.

Royal Parks

London’s Royal Parks, known for their serene landscapes and historical significance, once set the scene for an exclusively Hyde Park affair. The Royal Parks race, which sees its course gently unfold through these verdant spaces, started in 2004. However, the event needed adaptability in 2021 when the pandemic prompted a cancelation.

Initially, athletes embraced a three-lap course within the bounds of Hyde Park, but the route evolved over the years to include the palatial Kensington Gardens. The route that racers will tackle in 2024 has been tweaked yet again, facing alterations necessitated by an unforeseen incident over the festive season—altering start and finish positions but maintaining the race’s revered legacy.

At every curve and straightaway, iconic touchstones like Kensington Palace, the Italian Gardens, and the George Watt’s sculpture, Physical Energy, provide scenic support to the participants. The event, truly inclusive in nature, annually welcomes about 650 runners of all skills and backgrounds, including individuals fresh to their fitness journey and seasoned athletes, creating a diverse and vibrant racing community.

Pavilion Cafe Victoria Park

In the heart of Victoria Park lies the charming Pavilion Cafe, a hub not only for café-goers but also for the running community. This location serves as a focal point for the RunThrough Victoria Park events, ranging from 5k to half marathons, where the Café’s surroundings morph into a racetrack brimming with determined faces and the pounding of sneakers on tarmac.

The flat road by the Pavilion Cafe is ideal for those striving for a fast time as well as those simply aiming to enjoy the experience. With races occurring amidst the soothing landscape of the park, the event’s atmosphere is electric, buoyed by the camaraderie and spirit of runners brought together by their shared passion. The Pavilion Cafe serves as a picturesque spot for participants to gather, share their experiences, and soak in the vibrant energy of the running community—a true gem in London’s array of running venues.

Training Plans and Tips for Running in London

London is a coveted destination for runners, offering a tapestry of routes that present an engaging mix of scenic beauty and historic grandeur. Whether you are winding through the royal greeneries of Regents Park, pacing alongside the serene ripples of the Thames River, or witnessing the historic allure of Hyde Park, every step in this city’s 10k races is imbued with visual splendor and the buzz of the city.

For those eyeing the London 10K in July 2024, the route promises a relatively flat course that elegantly sweeps by sights such as the London Eye and Big Ben. This makes it not only a pleasure for the eyes but also an inviting challenge for runners of all skill levels—both competitive racers aiming to shatter personal records and casual joggers soaking in the urban atmosphere.

The diversity of 10k races in London is complemented by a variety of courses, ranging from flat and fast road courses to picturesque trails, all tailored to different runner preferences and abilities. When drafting a training plan for these events, it’s essential to include components aimed at enhancing both speed and endurance. A well-rounded plan should address the specific demands of the chosen route—be it the undulating trails or the broad stretches of closed roads that characterize London races.

For the optimal training experience, mix in some cross-training activities to strengthen your muscles and contribute to overall cardiovascular health. Strength exercises such as squats, lunges, and core workouts not only build muscle but also support your running form, reducing the risk of injury. Speaking of which, injury prevention cannot be overlooked. Regular stretching, adequate rest, and appropriate footwear are critical elements of a training regimen that aims for race-day success without the setback of injuries.

Minimizing Risk of Injury

To stride confidently across the finish line, one must navigate the delicate balance between rigorous training and injury avoidance. Engaging in shorter distances like 5k runs can serve as the building blocks for the more daunting 10k, gradually increasing stamina and minimizing injury risks. The key to a successful 10k lies in a well-thought-out training plan that strategically builds up distance while allowing the body to adapt and recover.

Running a 10k without prior training is a perilous endeavor, laden with potential for injury and extreme fatigue. Instead, it is advisable to adhere to a training schedule that spreads runs across three to five days a week. Each run should aim to serve a specific purpose—some runs might focus on pace, others on distance, and some for active recovery. Mixing up the intensity and mileage is a lauded strategy to prevent overuse injuries, stave off fatigue, and prevent the mental burnout that can accompany a monotonous training regime.

Closed Road Races

In the arena of London’s 10k races, the allure of a closed-road event is undeniable. The ASICS London 10K highlights this appeal, ushering runners through a route teeming with celebrated landmarks, away from the distraction of traffic. Similarly, the festive Cancer Research UK London Winter Run channels a collective ambition to sprint past cancer, all within the historic bounds of closed city streets.

The venerable Serpentine RC New Years Day 10K has, since the mid-1980s, welcomed runners to experience the charm of Kensington Gardens’ closed roads. Meanwhile, the Mornington Chasers Regents Park 10K series offers a monthly opportunity, from October 2024 to March 2025, to beat personal bests in the serenity of one of London’s eminent parks. Not to be overshadowed, Richmond Park, with its May series of distances including 5k, 10k, and half marathon, presents a closed road, a flat trail, and a tableau of natural scenery—ensuring that runners can relish in the beauty of their surroundings as they race.

These closed-road races are not only a testament to the city’s vibrant running culture but are also an emblem of its dedication to offering diverse and inclusive running events that serve as a platform for both competition and community solidarity. Each race, with its unique characteristics and festive atmosphere, enriches the tapestry of the London running scene.

Fundraising for Cancer Research UK

Fundraising for Cancer Research UK

Supporting Cancer Research UK through running events can be an exhilarating way to contribute to a vital cause. Participants can choose from various races, such as the popular 10km events held in London’s iconic parks.

Key Ways to Fundraise:

  • Join a Race: Sign up for a designated Cancer Research UK race such as the Hyde Park 10k, which provides a chance to run amidst famous landmarks.
  • Create a Sponsorship Page: Use online platforms to gather donations from friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Host an Event: Organize local bake sales or mini fun-runs to support your main race.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Encourage businesses to sponsor your race efforts, offering them promotion in exchange.

Training and Preparation:

  • Training Plans: Follow structured training plans to prepare for the event and minimize the risk of injury.
  • Diet and Rest: Ensure proper nutrition and rest as part of your training routine.

Every stride taken and pound raised aids Cancer Research UK in their mission to beat cancer sooner. Whether part of a broader race calendar or as a standalone event, fundraising through running unites participants with a shared purpose: to save lives through research.

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