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10km Races in Los Angeles County 2024

Every stride you take, every breath you draw, it’s more than just a run; it’s a symphony on the streets. Los Angeles County, renowned for its sun-kissed coastlines and iconic cityscapes, transforms into a racer’s paradise with a series of 10km races set for 2024. From the seasoned athletes to the jubilant joggers, these events draw participants from every corner, each with their own story of endurance and speed.

The racing calendar in Los Angeles is marked with events that are as diverse as the city’s landscape, offering competitors a chance to pound the pavement against the stunning backdrop of Southern California. Whether it’s along the glistening shores of Santa Monica or the mesmerizing trails of Agoura Hills, each race is meticulously planned to provide an unparalleled experience.

This article is your starting block. With details on race specifics and participant insights, it’s a guide to the top 10km events in Los Angeles County for the year 2024. Lace up your shoes and mark your calendars; we’re about to embark on an exhilarating journey through the high-energy world of 10km races in L.A.

Santa Monica 10km Race

Santa Monica is gearing up for an exciting lineup of 10K races in 2024, with a variety of events that cater to every kind of runner. Whether you’re looking for a race that ties in with a holiday or one that fits into the theme of seasonal celebration, there’s an event waiting for you.

The starting line for many of these races is alongside the beautiful beach scenery, making for a perfect race atmosphere. Participants can look forward to the Spring Equinox Half Marathon on March 24, 2024, which will feature a 10K as a part of its race day events. As the weather warms up, the Strawberry Moon Run on June 22—and the Good Vibes Run the following day on June 23—will also offer 10K runs along with 5K and Half Marathon distances.

Additionally, special occasions are marked with races like the Keep Going 5K/10K/13.1 Run on May 11, coinciding closely with the Mothers Day Run on May 18, providing a chance for families to celebrate and participate together.

Whether you’re local to Santa Monica or traveling in for a run with a view, Santa Monica’s 10K races promise a blend of competitive spirit and festive ambiance across these upcoming events.

March 24, 2024Spring Equinox Half Marathon and 10KSanta Monica
May 11, 2024Keep Going 5K/10K/13.1 Run LOS ANGELESSanta Monica
May 18, 2024Mothers Day 5K/10K RunSanta Monica
June 22, 2024Strawberry Moon Run 5K/10K/Half MarathonSanta Monica
June 23, 2024Good Vibes Run 5K/10KSanta Monica

Huntington Beach 10km Race

Huntington Beach, known for its scenic coastal views and vibrant community, is hosting 10K races that will excite both seasoned and recreational runners. On March 10, 2024, the Rodeo Run 5K/10K event is slated to hit the ground running with an intimate crowd expected to have between 100 to 500 participants. The beachfront course is an absolute delight for runners seeking a mix of a challenge and stunning oceanic panoramas.

Following shortly on April 6, 2024, is the whimsically-themed Running Is For The Birds event. Open to both 5K and 10K runners, this event will offer up a breezy course, ideal for personal bests or a fun day out with fellow bird-themed racers.

Race Details

When looking for the perfect race, Huntington Beach delivers with well-organized events featuring a range of distances that include 5K, 10K, and even virtual options—catering to participants who prefer to log their miles remotely. Notably, races such as the Sharsheret West Coast Dash provide a platform for runners to choose from 10K, 5K, and also participate virtually.

Organizations like the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation add to the vibrant race calendar with events such as their annual 5K/10K race. This event is not only a draw for adult participants but also includes a kids run, making it a family-friendly affair.


The captivating beach city of Huntington Beach draws participants from various locations with its exciting race calendar. The Pirates Plunder Half Marathon, for instance, incorporates 10K races along with other distances, offering something for every runner who takes part. The Sharsheret West Coast Dash, also taking place in Los Angeles, presents an assortment of distances including the 10K, 5K, and a 1-mile run—complete with a virtual option for those who can’t make it in person.

Runners in Long Beach will find the We the People – Constitution Day Run an inviting event with its 10K race option. In Santa Monica, the Jurassic Jaunt – Roar to the Finish event invites participants to take on not just a 10K challenge, but also 5K, and half marathon distances, feeding into the diverse preferences of the running community. Finally, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s event garners wide participation not only for its adult races but also for engaging the younger crowd with its kids run, bolstering community spirit and inclusiveness in the sport.

Agoura Hills 10km Race

Agoura Hills 10km Race

Agoura Hills is set to welcome runners of all skill levels to the 39th Nature Made Great Race on April 13th, 2024. This annual racing extravaganza is not just a 10K. It offers a smorgasbord of distance choices, and participants can revel in the diversity of the terrain. The race features the challenging Mazda Thousand Oaks Chesebro Half Marathon, predominantly a trail run, and a selection of road races, including the Deena Kastor 5K and the Old Agoura 10K. For those aiming to push their limits, the 15K Combo and Cronies 10.3 Mile Triple Stack Challenge await.

Aside from the running itself, the Great Race is lauded for its ambiance and amenities. It’s celebrated for an assortment of awards like ‘LA’s #1 Post Race Party,’ ‘Best Half Marathon,’ ‘Best Brunch Run,’ ‘Best Swag,’ and ‘Top 10K.’ This ensures that each participant, from competitive racers to family groups, finds fulfillment beyond the finish line.

Race Details

When mapping out your perfect race calendar, the Agoura Hills event stands out for its meticulous organization and spectrum of distances accommodating every runner’s ambition. Los Angeles County’s event roster is rich with races featuring diverse lengths, including 5Ks, 10Ks, and half marathons. Noteworthy is the Sharsheret West Coast Dash, which invites participation at different levels, with virtual races included, catering to both local and remote runners.

Races in this region distinguish themselves by offering multifaceted experiences. Events such as the family-inclusive Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation 5K/10K race, complete with a kids run, embody the community spirit of these events. Moreover, with many races providing virtual participating options, no runner needs to miss out on the experience, regardless of where they are.


Southern California’s running scene attracts a vibrant and eclectic group of participants, and Agoura Hills’ races are no exception. The Pirates Plunder Half Marathon in Santa Monica draws 10K racers as part of its broader distance options. The Sharsheret West Coast Dash, hosted in Los Angeles, invites athletes to choose from 10K, 5K, or even a relaxed 1-mile run, not to mention the virtual runner category.

In Long Beach, the We the People – Constitution Day Run presents another chance for a 10K endeavor, while Santa Monica’s Jurassic Jaunt – Roar to the Finish tempts with its 10K, 5K, and half marathon races. Lastly, the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s 5K/10K event is a magnet for broad participation, not just for the main races but also for engaging the youth in a constructive community activity with the kids run. Each event flourishes as a celebration of the spirit and diversity of the participant community in Los Angeles County.

Long Beach 10km Race

Los Angeles County, a hub for vibrant community events, frequently hosts an array of running events catering to different levels of competitors and enthusiasts alike. Long Beach stands out as a locale for several seasonal races, ensuring that runners can find just the right challenge as spring dawns.

One such highlight is the Rockin Shamrock Half Marathon, set for March 16, 2024, in the heart of Long Beach, which invites participants to lace up for both a half marathon and a 10K race. Definitely not to be missed, this event promises a festive atmosphere synonymous with the celebratory St. Patrick’s Day it precedes.

For those preferring an earlier sprint into the season, the Pinch Me I’m Running Half Marathon brings a similar structure with a 10K and 5K option on March 10, 2024, in Santa Monica. This event encourages runners to embrace the spirit of health and fun, illustrated by its lively name.

The Cat in the Hat Run Half Marathon, also in Long Beach on March 23, 2024, not only adds to the literary fun but includes a 10K race which caters to those building up their long-distance running stamina. This makes it perfect for the whimsical runner looking to combine a love for classic stories with the joy of running.

Wrapping up the month, the Happy Easter Half Marathon, scheduled for March 30, 2024, in Long Beach, will offer multiple running options, including a 10K. This event adds a springtime cheer to the run, inviting participants to enjoy the festive theme while they hit the pavement.

Shifting a bit south, the Rodeo Run 5K/10K in Huntington Beach on March 10, 2024, gallops into the scene with a 10K that is expected to draw 100 to 500 participants. This moderately-sized event promises an intimate yet competitive scenario for runners to test their speed and endurance.

Race Details

The array of races offers a well-rounded mix of distances that are thoughtful of runners’ diverse preferences. Many events in Los Angeles County, aside from the standard marathon length, lean towards shorter and more widely accessible distances such as the 5K and 10K races.

A prominent example is the Sharsheret West Coast Dash that not only includes a 10K and 5K run but also encourages participation from afar with its virtual race options—a testament to the adaptable spirit of Los Angeles racing culture.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation clearly understands the importance of holistic community engagement by integrating a kids run with its 5K/10K event. This not only promotes fitness for all ages but fosters a shared experience among families.

Los Angeles County’s races pride themselves on versatility, and many of them feature virtual choices in their selection, thereby welcoming global participation and supporting runners who may not be able to attend in person.


The participants in these races are as varied as the events themselves, with Southern California’s ideal climate drawing a full spectrum of runners. Santa Monica’s Pirates Plunder Half Marathon and the Sharsheret West Coast Dash in Los Angeles boast not only 10K races but also embrace those looking for shorter or even longer challenges.

The communal experience is enriched further in Long Beach with events like the We the People – Constitution Day Run, where citizens can opt for the 10K race distance. Santa Monica keeps pace with their Jurassic Jaunt – Roar to the Finish, including 10K, 5K, and half marathon distances.

Lastly, the determination to include future generations of runners is evident with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s event, which ensures young runners have their day in the sun with a specialized kids run.

Each event is a kaleidoscope of the region’s vibrant community, featuring amateur athletes, seasoned runners, and families—all coming together to celebrate health, well-being, and the unifying joy of running.

Featured Event in Los Angeles

The crown jewel among the upcoming races of Los Angeles County is undoubtedly the Los Angeles Marathon, scheduled for March 17, 2024. Starting at the iconic Dodger Stadium, runners will embark on a scenic and exhilarating journey to the finish line in Century City. This race not only represents the athletic spirit of the city but also supports The McCourt Foundation’s mission to create a healthier world, showcasing the power of community and charity united through sport.

Race Details

Los Angeles County perfectly encapsulates the spirit of competitiveness and camaraderie with a versatile range of races that cater to various fitness levels. Diverse distances, including the 5K, 10K, half marathons, and the full marathon, provide options for participants to choose their challenges. For instance, the Sharsheret West Coast Dash is offering 10K, 5K, and virtual race options, while the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation race is making family a part of the day with a 5K/10K event that includes a joyous kid’s run. Runners can latch onto their preferred distances and either compete with peers or run for fun and health, all while enjoying the hospitable Los Angeles weather.


The lively spectrum of participants marks these events with an inclusive vibe. From the Pirates Plunder Half Marathon in Santa Monica, offering 10K options among others, to the We the People – Constitution Day Run in Long Beach, supporting 10K runners, every event encourages diversity. Those looking for a themed adventure can join the Jurassic Jaunt – Roar to the Finish, with its 10K, 5K, and half marathon races. Families and younger athletes are not forgotten, with the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s 5K/10K event, promising a day where kids can shine on their own courses. It’s this eclectic mix of athletes and enthusiasts that paint the Los Angeles running scene with strokes of enthusiasm, commitment, and a shared love for the sport.

Simi Valley 10km Race

Race Details

Set against the backdrop of the beautiful and rugged landscapes of Agoura Hills, the Nature Made Great Race, scheduled for April 13, 2024, is a spectacular event catering to a vast array of running enthusiasts. The race lineup is as varied as the terrains, with distances including a Half Marathon, 15K, 10K, 5K, and a unique 10.3-mile challenge. This event, well-known for its exquisite natural scenery, promises to deliver an accurate race with well-marked courses, ensuring participants can focus on the perfect race experience.

Meanwhile, the Victory For Victims 5K/10K event will take place on the very same day in Los Angeles, providing an opportunity for 500 to 1,000 participants to engage in an energetic and impactful community race.

Just a few weeks before, on March 30, 2024, the 10K Tour Los Angeles invites a significant crowd with an expectation of 1,000 to 5,000 participants to explore the city’s streets. It encapsulates the essence of an urban 10K race with a route designed to offer runners a unique perspective of the bustling cityscape.

Adding to the variety, the Finish The Run Griffith Park event is set for April 6, 2024, in Los Angeles, and it’s prepared to welcome a substantial group, anticipating 1,000 to 5,000 participants for its 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon races.

Participants from across southern California will also get the chance to compete at the Reaching for the Cure Half Marathon, 5K, and 10K on March 24, 2024, in Irvine. The event forecasts a turnout of 1,000 to 5,000 spirited runners.


The avowed spirit of the running community in and around Simi Valley is expected to manifest vibrantly at these races. Eager participants from Los Angeles County, as well as neighboring Orange County and Riverside County, will take strides across various distances suited to their fitness levels and racing aspirations.

The beaming faces at these events speak volumes about the inclusivity that these races hold dear. From the highly competitive athletes aiming for personal bests to supportive groups raising awareness and funds for causes, there’s an undeniable sense of camaraderie and solidarity.

In particular, family-oriented races like the one organized by the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation ensure fun and engagement for every family member, including children who get their very own kids’ run. The participation of families adds a layer of joyous exuberance, showcasing the city’s ability to bring people together through the love of running.

With such a full calendar of races including the themed Jurassic Jaunt, the Constitution Day Run, and the impactful Victory For Victims event, each participant, whether opting for the Nature Made Great Race in Agoura Hills or other nearby competitions, plays a vital role in stitching together the vibrant fabric of the Los Angeles County’s athletic and charitable scene.

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